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This Podcast is dedicated to promoting Dirt Racing in the Black Hills Area.


May 26, 2017

Black Hills Race Talk Episode 85

This is a different kind of trip in the Tyrrell Tires/Speed Center’s Way Back Machine:
We are stopping in the year 2000, and saying howdy to Tim Richter, but using Timmy as a chance to pay it forward…. 17 years later:
Over the next few days, BHRaceTalk is going to RAFFLE off the actual AUTOGRAPHED side of this beautiful specimen of Tim’s car. (it still has the battle scars from this accident) to hang in your garage or family room.
110% of the proceeds ....yes, 110% (I will kick in a bit more myself) are going to help our adopted son Jeremy McCune after his accident last week. Jeremy was burned in a sprint car, and has been laid up ever since, recovering from skin graft surgery. He has a GoFundMe page to help offset some of the costs.
You can BID on this post right here: Just add a dollar amount on this page, and we will square up later. I actually have grown fond of this on my wall, so I am starting off the bid at $100 (Bidding will close Sunday at Midnight)
If this post is shared on another page, make sure you bid on the original post at BHRaceTalk’s way of bringing Late Models and Winged Sprint Cars Together. #RacingUnity

Black Hills Race Talk With Doug Napier, Lynn Amick, and Mike Pennel

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