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This Podcast is dedicated to promoting Dirt Racing in the Black Hills Area.


Sep 8, 2017

Doug Napier, Lynn Amick, and Mike Pennel

Featuring Race Results from:

Gillette Thunder Speedway East West Clash

Mad Statter Report

FaceBook Live Decision on what to do with a Race Car that was WON!

RACE READY SUPER STOCK!! Push button and go racing!

Ok, so here’s the deal, As many of you know, I got this car in the most unusual way, I won it in a raffle. Although I am a racer, and have been for 30 years or so, at this time, I am not going to get back into the sport. I am having fun helping others, doing racing photography, and promoting racing in the area through the podcast at

Also as many of you know, I accumulated some medical bills over the past few years (I am healthy now) but the bills remain.

So my plans are as follows

The proceeds of the sale of this car are:

  • 1/3 towards my remaining medical bills
  • 1/3 towards my wife, because she deserves nice things for putting up with my racing shenanigans
  • 1/3 towards Charity, local people in need. (Go to for details how to get involved)

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"Bad Luck" Langhorne Slim & The Law

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